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Image of Ramble On - A celebration of walking in New Zealand

Ramble On - A celebration of walking in New Zealand

$34.99 NZD

Ramble On: A Celebration of Walking in New Zealand
Edited by Z. R. Southcombe
Non-fiction; trade paperback
ISBN 9780473412067
148 x 210mm / 5.8 x 8.3"
170 pages; printed in NZ on recycled paper
Publication date: October 15 2017

Southcombe has collected a glorious miscellany of essays, interviews, poetry, and articles. The contributors are diverse: from first-time writer, Mayur Wadhwani to author and scientist Octavia Cade, to walking tour host, Liz Lyons - and everything in between.

Colourfully illustrated by Southcombe, you can pick it up at any page to bring a little bit of the outdoors, indoors.

Easy to read, it's the perfect little book to dip in and out of, right at home in the bach, on the coffee table, or in your suitcase for some quiet holiday entertainment.

Contributing authors: Byrnand, Deb; Cade, Octavia; Fastnedge, Maria; Forest, Anya; Kenobi, Inger; Lyons, Liz/Aucky Walky Tours; Mede, ; atherine; Penlain, Grace; Peterson, Barbs; Peteru, Chris; Slagman, Pim; Southcombe, Graham; Southcombe, Priscilla; Thorne, Jane; Wadhani, Mayur.


"Perfect holiday reading."
-Liz, Aucky Walky Tours Director

"When it's quiet and I have a brief respite from this busy world, I sit down with your book. I read a couple of stories and then a couple more. I feel the enjoyment, the frustration, the wonder and the healing energy as if I'm walking or trudging right with them."
-Louise de Varga, NZ Book Festival Founder

"Your book is amazing. I had the chance to meet other contributors as well... Ramble On definitely captures the importance of getting out and about in nature. Congrats, and looking forward to your next leatherback turtle book too."
-Anya Forest, New Zealand author

"Our country’s ten Great Walks are wonderful, but Southcombe has boosted her wellbeing by adopting a walk-only policy in her everyday life, and that’s pretty special.

Southcombe persuasively argues that walking is great for physical health, for mental health, for connection, to learn, to challenge and to slow right down. Throughout the book Southcombe features interviews with her friends, loved ones and life coaches about their experiences with nature and walking. Her argument that walking is a great way to problem-solve reminds me of the walks my Dad and I have always taken together. His steps are smaller than mine, so he always walks slightly behind me. “What is your 10-year plan?” is his favourite question to spring on me during our walks. A walk with Dad is never a simple one – he uses the activity to ask the important questions and he challenges me to find the answers, all while never having to look me in the eye!

Southcombe’s ideas on walking are written simply. She shows how walking isn’t exclusive to the fit and healthy, and there’s no scientific jargon in her writing. Southcombe’s take on connecting with everyday nature in Aotearoa is something we tend to forget from Monday to Friday. Her words are a reminder that connecting with nature is an easy activity that can still be achieved during a working week. So, in the words of Southcombe: strap on those walking shoes, adopt a dog, borrow a child, or just get out there for some alone time. You’ll really notice the difference."

-Rachael Clarke, Senior Communications & Marketing Officer at the Mental Health Foundation