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Image of Waata the Weta

Waata the Weta

$17.99 NZD

Written by Jo Carson-Barr
Illustrated by Simon Barr
Fiction; paperback
ISBN 9780473360870
240mm x 200mm / 9.45" x 7.87"
48 pages
Publication date: 23 September 2016

Waata the Weta is different from other Weta. He is looking for fun, sun and adventure, so he leaves his home in the woodpile and sets out on a journey to find the perfect home. Does he find it?

This boldy illustrated book by animator Simon Barr is a fun story for ages 6-10 that can be used as a discussion starter for habitats of native New Zealand animals.

“I really enjoyed reading the book. I especially liked the illustrations but at the end I thought Waata was exposed. I think he should have chosen a tree or a log.”
-11 year old reader

"Wetas are scary -but not once you get to know them! This not just a book for little kids. A copy sits on our coffee table and we have been surprised at how quickly casual readers of all ages become engrossed. The subtle interweaving of storyline and wonderfully whimsical graphics enchants all as they search for unspoken detail. The Auckland sky tower shows up on one skyline. A friendly fly helps to keep Waata and his possessions, including his precious toy monkey together... Jo Carson-Barr and son Simon do a superb job following a brave bloke who takes on the job of finding a new home as the winter woodpile diminishes."
-Juliet Leigh JP, BA, Dip of Tchg

"This is an amazing book that all ECE centres and teachers would enjoy reading to the children. It shows how Waata struggles and perseveres to find the perfect home. It is a great book that shows children that even if you struggle to do something then to keep trying as much as they can and eventually they will achieve their goal. I would highly recommend buying a copy of this book."
-Joanne Thompson, Trainer ECE Teacher

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